Creating Extraordinary, Memorable Experiences With Technology

Technology, when used correctly, creates memorable experiences that enhance human connection, Personally and Professionally!

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Keynote Speaker, Author, Tech Founder, Michelle Calloway

Media and Technology Strategist, Michelle Calloway, empowers small business owners to embrace technologies and systems that will truly set them apart, by creating positive memorable experiences that keep clients coming back for more.

Keynote Speaking Topics

image of a woman who appears to be made from technoogy

Mixed Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality Workspaces

Augmented Reality Marketing

Zoom in the Metaverse

image of a brain on top of a circuit board with AI letters on it

Artificial Intelligence

Customer Service Chatbots

Smart Content Generation

SEO & Zero Party Data

image of man looking at mobile phone with technology dots in foreground

Business Automation

Sales and Marketing Pipelines

Nurturing Workflows

Tracking and Metrics

Michelle Calloway holding her book, Discover Your Inspiration

Stepping Into Purpose

Doing Business With Purpose

Purpose Drives Passion

Passion Creates Impact

Technology Enhances

Human Connection

Eye Bulging,
Jaw Dropping Experiences

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

"Michelle talks about cutting-edge, disruptive marketing techniques that most business owners need to hear. She shares the information in a way that is easy to understand.

If you're an event organizer, you need to invite Michelle to your event. She is hot, hot, hot!"

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Innovate - Create - Disrupt

The Tech With Heart Mission

Michelle Calloway and Jerry Bowden founded the Tech With Heart Foundation, offering technology insights and training to small business owners and minority students, so they can have competitive advantage in life and in business.

Enlighten, Empower, Embrace

Tech With Heart Foundation ENLIGHTENS small business owners and minority student interns about technologies, systems, and strategies that are relevant in today's digital landscape.

Once enlightened about what is possible, Tech With Heart EMPOWERS small business owners and minority student interns to implement technology through training and systems set up.

Tech With Heart's small business owners and minority student interns are EMBRACED in a nurturing, safe, community environment as they embark upon utilizing technologies.

Elevating Brand Awareness Through Interactive Experiences

Improving Business Culture in the Digital Metaverse

Empowering Small Business Growth

Through Automation

Inspiring Purpose-Driven Entreprenuership

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